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Overcoming challenges and risk and tapping billion dollar worth of oil reserves

What are the critical factors responsible for the growth of the drilling and completion fluids market?

How to achieve zero disposal of drilling waste? Greening of oil drilling is now a big trend.

How to achieve zero disposal of drilling waste? Greening of oil drilling is now a big trend.

Drilling solutions and innovations: Preventing drilling problems from causing devastating losses in your drilling operations!

Possibly, a whopping US$ 64.325 billion losses from drilling problems – how can you avoid such a devastating misfortune in your drilling operations?

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The Center for Energy Sustainability and Economics is pleased to announce that Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the chosen venue for the 4th annual Drilling Fluids and Cuttings Management conference.

Because of the drilling-related accidents happening in Brazil, the operations in Brazil are working with the government to draft new tighter environmental policy governing oil spills, drilling fluids and environmental integrity of DWM programmes.

The 4th Annual Drilling Fluids and Cuttings Management Americas 2014 is designed to respond to several key developments that affected energy producing companies using drilling fluids and managing its drilling cuttings and waste. Learn more about the regulations on exploration and production in the pre salt area of Brazil.


Santos de Souza

Environmental Analyst


Kartikay Sharma

Senior Analyst, Strategy Brand and Innovation, Oil and Gas


Francisco Francilmar

Drilling Superintendent/ Wells Team Leader

HRT Oil and Gas



PhD, Chem Manager, Scientific Research & Experimental Development

KPMG Canada

Distinguished Speakers Include:





Connecting regulators, service providers, operators and waste management providers towards seamless integration and implementation of DWM programmes

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